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Lih Pao Group

Brand Intro

For Years, Fullon Gives its Heart to Taiwan and Grows with it

Since the very first Fullon Hotel opened in Zhongli back in 2002, we have become the most well-known hotel chain in Taiwan based on more than ten years of hard works

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  • Brand Intro
    Our brand

    Brand Intro

    With diversified integrated management concepts,
    Fullon has become an award-winning hotel chain

    Based on the concept of multi-faceted integrated management, the Fullon Hotel chain actively participate in star rating and becomes the award-winning hotel chain

    • 世界奢華品牌大獎World Luxury Hotel Awards
    • 服務第壹大獎Service First Award
    • 幸福企業大賞Happy Enterprise Award
  • Brand Advantage

    Brand Advantage

    Happy Smile Taiwanese Friendliness

    Fullon Hotel chain continuously provides meticulous and tailor-made services to integrate Taiwanese Friendliness into every corner of the hotel. We are committed to creating a difference accommodation, catering and leisure experience, inspiring a brand new interactive model, continuously optimizing service quality, launching diversified and customer-friendly tourism and catering services in order to reach out to consumers’ heart.
  • Social Responsibility
    Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Standing on the shoulders of giants gives Fullon a broader perspective
    Supported by the rich resources from our parent company, the Lih Pao Group, more expectations and social responsibilities were given upon us

    At Fullon Hotel, we are committed to providing a barrier-free accommodation and dining environment and continuing to invest in public welfare activities. Our footprint of giving and sharing with love can be seen as the footprint all over Taiwan.
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