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Hotel Chain Restaurant Brands JYUN EN JAPANESE
The superb and elegant Japanese cuisine.
Elegantly designed and stable and restrained dining atmosphere. Creative cooking and plating by chefs. VIP rooms with secluded space for customer privacy. The chefs’marvelous dishes present you with the beautiful art of dining. 

Classic Dishes

  • Premium Sashimi Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

    Premium Sashimi

    Fresh shrimp and fish belly rich in fat are sliced by the chef with super skills to present you a tasty dish.

  • Abalone Salad Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

    Abalone Salad

    The fresh abalone from Northeast Coast is cooked with Japanese dashi broth. Served with fresh fruits and Japanese style dressing, it tastes aromatic, sweet and fresh.

  • Nigiri Sushi Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

    Nigiri Sushi

    Fresh and quality sliced fish is wrapped with Japanese Koshihikari rice in vinegar and sauce. The fresh and tasty Nigiri Sushi is ready to serve.

  • Teriyaki Lamp Chops Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

    Teriyaki Lamp Chops

    The lamb rack from New Zealand is braised with plenty of vegetable and classic Teriyaki sauce; it tastes salty, soft, and tender.

  • Thin Noodles with Salmon Roe and Yam Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

    Thin Noodles with Salmon Roe and Yam

    The noodles are cut with superb skills into threads. They are cooked with Japanese Yam and Hokkaido salmon roe. The dish tastes fresh.

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