“Surrounded by mountains and seas, The beauty of Fullon” Located in the Kenting National Park, the Fullon Hotel Kenting seats on top of the Dayuan Mountain and oversees the vast Bashi Channel in its 5 hectares of site area. You can see the Sail-shaped Stone at the border of south Taiwan and the Eluanbi Lighthouse, a.k.a. “The Light of East Asia”, which has been erected at least one hundred years ago to guide tens of thousands of ships home from high above. 
In the gentlely blowing sea breeze and the unobstructed view, the Scenic BBQ, Four Seasons Restaurant, Arcadia Café and Happy Garden provide delicious delicacies made with natural, healthy ingredients. The ingenious Chinese and Western cooking techniques create all kinds of appetizing cuisine.  We have 186 simple yet elegant guest rooms in sophisticated Spanish-style designs and adorned by the sunset light reflected on the golden beach and the waves lapping on the sand. Away from the bustling city, you will be accompanied by blue seas, bright moon and twinkling stars here. 
Fullon Hotel Kenting provides a swimming pool, SPA, children’s pool, children’s playground, Star Hall KTV, gym, table tennis, billiards, bowling alley and arcade games suitable for you and your family. All your tiredness will be taken away and the lock of your mind will be opened. Enjoy the natural scenery of the emerald mountains and white sails sailing on the blue seas in Kenting. 


Superior Deluxe Twin
Deluxe Scenic Double Twin
Scenic Honeymoon
Superior Family
Deluxe Scenic Family
Honeymoon Villa
Deluxe Scenic Suite
Outdoor swimming pool
Recreation center
Children’s playground
Meeting room
Fullon Star KTV
Self-service laundry room
Business center (internet access)
Gift shop