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Fullon Hotel Kending

“Surrounded by mountains and seas, The beauty of Fullon” Located in the Kenting National Park,
the Fullon Hotel Kenting seats on top of the Dayuan Mountain and oversees the vast Bashi Channel in its 5 hectares of site area. 
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  • Arcadia Cafe
  • Four Seasons Restaurant
  • Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant
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  • Exotic feastExotic feast
    Exotic feast
    Exotic feast

    Exotic feast

    Highlights: a graceful environment for you to enjoy lunch, dinner and afternoon tea while admiring the splendid scene of the Sail-shaped Stone on the horizon, bringing you a good mood the whole day.
  • Deluxe Scenic Double TwinDeluxe Scenic Double Twin
    Deluxe Scenic Double Twin
    Deluxe Scenic Double Twin

    Deluxe Scenic Double Twin

    Price: NT$8,500+10% Introduction: Admire the sea view of the Sail-shaped Stone from high above and listen to the sound of waves lapping against the shore. Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature. Size: 40 m2 Bed type: 180cm*200cm*2 Room amenities: electric door lock, LCD TV, central air conditioning system, free WIFI, refrigerator, hair dryer, electric kettle, in-room safe, satellite TV channels, direct-dial phone, separate shower and 110V and 220V outlets.
  • Swimming PoolSwimming pool
    Swimming pool
    Swimming Pool

    Swimming pool

    By the shining pool with beautiful scenes, you can either wear your charming bikini and draw everyone’s attention or read a book on the lounge the whole day. This is how you spend your vacation. The specially designed children’s pool and water coaster are the best facilities for you and your family to have fun in the water and enjoy family happiness.

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  • Fullon Star KTV

    Fullon Star KTV

    Grab the microphone and highlight your physicality. Don’t be shy. No matter you win a round of applause or end up funny, you are the best singer already.
    ※Opening hours: 08:00-24:00 ※Rate: 1. Rate: one big compartment NT$600+10%/hr (approx. 18 people); two small compartments NT$400+10%/hr (approx. 12 people). If you use the compartment at the point of purchase, a complimentary period of 30 minutes will be awarded. There is no service charge and corkage if you reserve the big compartment for a group. 2. The charge depends on the services you chose.
  • Fullon Star KTV
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