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A Smile Warms Hearts

Here, you can enjoy the most wonderful and delightful travel experience presented with our most sincere smile

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A Smile Warms Hearts

Since the very first Fullon Hotel opened in Zhongli back in 2002, we have become the most well-known hotel chain in Taiwan based on more than ten years of hard works

Fullon Poshtel

Traveling is a way of life,The reality of discarding the chaff and preserving the chaff,
Deliver comfort, efficiency, peace of mind in a meaningful way,Give time and opportunity to enjoy special moments,Unique, life self-defining.

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voco Chiayi, an IHG Hotel

voco Chiayi is located in Chiayi City, with convenient transportation. The hotel is only a 10-minute drive from Chiayi Rail Staion, a 30-minute drive from HSR Chiayi Station, and less than 4 km to freeway.voco Chiayi has 370 comfortable and luxurious rooms and suites that incorporate local eleme nts. The thoughtful, comfortable, fun and charming brand personality of voco Chiayi brings you a pleasant experience, so that you can enjoy the wonderful time as you like.

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    • Fullon Hotel Fulong

      Fullon Hotel Fulong

      The extremely rare ocean hot spring in Taiwan (the only chloride bicarbonate hot spring in Taiwan).Here is the most precious golden beach in Taiwan.

    • Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

      Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

      Tamsui boasts of an abundant wealth of natural scenery, rich cultural heritage and the most beautiful seven star-rated sunsets nominated by a renowned international organization.

    • Fullon Hotel Taipei East

      Fullon Hotel Taipei East

      The hotel is drawn up in a fashionable and luxurious neoclassicist style, towering over the traffic between Shenkeng and Taipei.

    • Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport MRT A8

      Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport MRT A8

      When traveling around the city, here is the quiet, comfortable and worry-free corner. Travel is not only a temporary enjoyment, but also a good moment to talk with the inner heart of yourself!

    • Fullon Hotel Linkou

      Fullon Hotel Linkou

      With an endless stream of foreign and local tourists, the TRIPOD GARDEN Chinese restaurant, banquet hall and business center are there to provide international class services.

    • Fullon Hotel Taoyuan

      Fullon Hotel Taoyuan

      Committed to promoting our group's culture , we offer customers the experience of hospitality and enjoyment as if they are visiting someone’s home.

    • Fullon Hotel Jhongli

      Fullon Hotel Jhongli

      The nearest star-rated hotel from the Zhongli station provides you with a comfortable transport hub.

    • Fullon Hotel Kending

      Fullon Hotel Kending

      The Fullon Hotel Kenting surrounded by mountains and seas ,you can see the Sail-shaped Stone at the border of south Taiwan.

    • Fullon Poshtel Kending

      Fullon Poshtel Kending

      Starting from Fullon Poshtel Kenting, we invite you to embark on a unique travel journey. We hope you can experience the tranquility of solo travel here, the sweetness of sharing with your partner, and the joy of bonding with friends.

    • Fullon Hotel Hualien

      Fullon Hotel Hualien

      The most beautiful sunrise and panoramic view on the Pacific Ocean is everywhere whether you are at the boundless swimming pool or the guestroom!

    • Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

      Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central

      Fullon Hotel Taipei Central has been awarded Five-Star Tourist Hotel status and is located amid a dense public transport system, which allows guests to easily reach Xinyi District, the East District and Ximending.

    • Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung

      Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung

      Diverse surrounding attractions, the gurgling river of love and the multitude of leisure and art activities are worth spending your leisure time here.

    • Fullon Poshtel Kaohsiung

      Fullon Poshtel Kaohsiung

      Expressing our love for the global village, we join hands with you to collectively care for this land.We offer 136 guest rooms with a choice of five room types (Light Travel, Reader’s Retreat, Homebody Hideaway, Leisure Oasis, and Gatherer’s Getaway), including 17 meticulously crafted IKEA-themed rooms.

    • Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel

      Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel

      Located in the Lihpao Land, the largest holiday resort in Taiwan, you are only one step away from the amusement park and the outlet mall. Here, you can satisfy the needs of the whole family in one go.

    • voco Chiayi, an IHG Hotel

      voco Chiayi, an IHG Hotel

      voco Chiayi is located in Chiayi City, with convenient transportation. The hotel is only a 10-minute drive from Chiayi Rail Staion, a 30-minute drive from HSR Chiayi Station, and less than 4 km to freeway.
      voco Chiayi has 370 comfortable and luxurious rooms and suites that incorporate local eleme nts.
      The thoughtful, comfortable, fun and charming brand personality of voco Chiayi brings you a pleasant experience, so that you can enjoy the wonderful time as you like.

    • Fullon Poshtel Shuili

      Fullon Poshtel Shuili

      Fullon Poshtel Shuili is a white palace standing tall between towns.Not only can you enjoy the magnificent view of Nantou’s mountains, you can also immerse yourself in the unique beauty of the small town.Welcome to Fullon Poshtel-- experience and savor the beautiful moments in life.

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Hotel 18Stronghold
Taipei New Taipei Taoyuan Taichung Hualien Kaohsiung Pingtung Nantou Chiayi
Taipei Taipei
New Taipei New Taipei
Taoyuan Taoyuan
Taichung Taichung
Hualien Hualien
Kaohsiung Kaohsiung
Pingtung Pingtung
Nantou Nantou
Chiayi Chiayi

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Delicious and Heart-Warming Dining Experience

Restaurant Enjoy the best dining experience

Food and Beverages Intro

At Fullon hotels, top chefs meticulously prepare and serve locally sourced ingredients from farm to table, satisfying your taste of great cuisines with superb craftsmanship



    The catering team uses diverse and seasonal ingredients to prepare the banquet dishes. With the super cooking skills of our chefs, The dishes are upgraded into a refined Hong Kong dim sum restaurant.



    We provide Chinese cuisine cured by fresh seasonal ingredients. The chef incorporates local characteristics into natural ingredients to present exquisite dishes to satisfy your taste buds.



    Elegantly designed and stable and restrained dining atmosphere. Creative cooking and plating by chefs. VIP rooms with secluded space for customer privacy. The chefs’ marvelous dishes present you with the beautiful art of dining.



    The dining space is expansive and well-lit. Premium seasonal ingredients are used to offer refined western dishes. Serving you with classic western food, We invites you to enjoy the dinning hours at ease.

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