The Fullon Hotel Jhongli is a functional hotel located in Taoyuan’s bustling district. It is located inside the Jhongli railway station CBD, near Pingzhen Industrial Park, Youth Industrial Park, Jhongli Industrial Park and Taoyuan International Airport. The convenient location of the Fullon Hotel Jhongli makes it perfect for leisure and business activities. The hotel’s elegant appearance transforms it into a spiritual sanctuary amidst the urban hubbub, emanating unique, artistic flair.  Featuring well-lit, chic interior design, the hotel’s diverse selection of 154 well-appointed rooms are constantly updated with new software and hardware, while personalized digital services offer each guest a cozy, carefree environment that is shielded from the hustle and bustle outside. At Fullon, guests are able to enjoy tranquility in the urban jungle and obtain complete relaxation. 
The Fullon Hotel Jhongli has received the following honors: Nationwide Consumption Awards Golden Medal Certificate and Outstanding Corporate Product; Group Silver Award at International Culinary Exhibition; National Enterprise Golden Award Best Product; Outstanding SME Golden Award; Outstanding Corporate Product Golden Award; and a 4-star rating in 2016. All the above demonstrate the Fullon Hotel’s dedication and persistence in service quality. 
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