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Zhongyuan Night Market

If you want to know what's popular among young people these days, just come to Zhongyuan Night Market! Whether it's the most popular food, the most in-fashionable, or the most popular meeting place, take a trip to the practice road and the new road to let you understand the fashion trends of eating, drinking and having fun at once!
The Zhongyuan Night Market next to Zhongyuan University is filled with shopping crowds every evening. Many high-CP delicacies that are loved by the student population have caused a queuing crowd even before business hours. The shell of the Q bomb is full of soup and meat filling, and the small soup dumpling is so satisfying! There is salted and crisp chicken hidden in the wheel pie? 8 cm domineering thickness, you can eat 2 classic snacks at once! The pork version doughnuts that are better than flour are topped with Thai hot and sour sauce and honey mustard sauce, mixing and matching to create an amazing taste. There are also hand shakes where you can draw poems, the vitamin C erupting fruit Mount Fuji, the charcoal-scented fire-grilled chicken steak..., a large collection of night market food,,Let’s eat all night!
Tour Time : 2 hours
For Guests of : 10
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