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Services introduction:

Ballroom with advanced Digital surround equipments.
Assistance of wedding affairs .
'Wedding dinner after Wedding ceremony' is the latest trend of wedding couples nowadays.
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    Profssional lighting and sound system
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    Your own Wedding Event planne
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     Romantic wedding decorations
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     Digital welcome signboard
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    Wedding Housekeeper
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     Your own Bridal Lounge


  • Hall
    Width(M) Square feet Height(M) Event type(A table for10)
    Happy Garend 23 8.5 2160 2.3 11 Tables + 1Main table
    Peony / Rose 8 4 432 2.3 Tables
    Rose / Daffogil Magnolia 15 4.2 648 2.3 Tables
    Peony / Rose /  Daffogil 8 8.5 792 2.3 Tables
    Lih Pao 7.4 4.9 396 2.3 Tables
  • From northern Taiwan to southern Taiwan, Fullon has created a love connection around the island.We persist in the spirit of “Come to Fullon, Fall for Taiwan” from acquaintance, falling in love, to marriage for life, turning into the Moon Lord and Cupid in order to protect love!
    Leave the event of your life to Fullon Hotels & Resorts
    Contact Us: +886 3 427-0900
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