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  • Gym


    Facility Location : 3F
    With professional fitness equipment in the hotel, you can exercise in your spare time absolutely free of charge. Therefore, you do not have to leave the hotel to enjoy a great time. Business travelers who need to stay in optimal condition can use the gym to prepare for the next challenge through exercising.
    Opening Hours : A.M. 6:00~P.M. 22:00
  • Meeting Room

    Meeting Room

    Facility Location : 7F
    Fullon Hotels & Resorts has exerted the advantages of urban and holiday hotels of the northern, central, southern and eastern region, featuring comprehensive large, medium and small meeting venues to satisfy the diversified demands of different customer groups, allowing enterprises and attending guests to experience a different meeting vacation!
    Opening Hours : A.M. 8:00~12:00 、P.M. 13:00~17:00.
  • Business Center

    Business Center

    Facility Location : 7F
    The Business Centre offers a wide range of services that are guaranteed to be efficient for business operations, so business travelers with tight schedules can focus on their assignments without any disturbances. In addition to computers, the 24-hour Business Center also provides a printer, photocopier, wireless internet access, as well as newspapers and magazines/journals in different languages to cater to the needs of business travelers, allowing them to stay in touch with the latest market information and trends.
    The meeting room is also open 24 hours and guests can use the room for 3 hours without additional charges (the use of the projector/screen is not included).
    Opening Hours : 24Hr
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