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  • Lijing District

    Lijing District

    Lijing District, built in 1941, was formerly the official residence of the Zhongli County Office built by the "Zhongli Baojia Association". It has been inhabited by the Taiwanese police family since the Japanese Occupation, and it has witnessed the Zhongli incident after the war. , Has become a milestone in Taiwan’s democratic development. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan City Government registered as a historical building in 2012. After investigation and research, planning, design and restoration, the museum opened in 2019 to welcome guests. Through exhibitions and lectures, Lijing Town has become an art salon in Zhongli, inheriting local knowledge and caring for social issues.
  • Zhongping Road Story House

    Zhongping Road Story House

    The Zhongping Road Story House is hidden in the busy Zhongping business district. In the early days, it was used as a Japanese-style dormitory for civil servants. Because the building contained roof tiles, window lattices, sliding doors, beams and pillars, all raw materials during the Japanese occupation period. The complete preservation shows the life trajectory of local residents during the Japanese Occupation era. The building was registered as a historical building in 1999. After being restored and reorganized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan City Government, it combines art and cultural exhibitions, cultural experiences and cultural and creative products, and provides group tours and guided services to guide tourists through the day. The life scene in Zhongli from the period to the agricultural era.
  • Bade Bald Cypress Forest

    Bade Bald Cypress Forest

    Leaf turned red, and the traveler's face smiled! Whenever the winter is cold, along Lane 185 of Fujian Street next to Xiaoli Big Pool, the nearly 3 hectares of Bade Taxus pine forest is stained with magnificent gradation of colors. Thousands of travelers competed to see this poetic landscape like an impressionist painting.
  • Zhongli Night Market

    Zhongli Night Market

    Zhongli Night Market is located on Xinming Road in Zhongli District, between Zhongli West Intersection and Minquan Intersection. The total length is about 700 meters. It is one of the best tourist night markets in Taoyuan City. There are many schools nearby. In the morning, it is a common traffic road. There will be many school buses passing here. Every evening, they start to set up stalls. At this time, the busy Xinming Road during the day will be transformed into a base camp for vendors, from the stalls on both sides. Stalls are regularly set up around the road and in the middle, attracting a large influx of people. On holidays, it is even more impenetrable. It can be said that the more beautiful the night.
  • Zhongyuan Night Market

    Zhongyuan Night Market

    If you want to know what's popular among young people these days, just come to Zhongyuan Night Market! Whether it's the most popular food, the most in-fashionable, or the most popular meeting place, take a trip to the practice road and the new road to let you understand the fashion trends of eating, drinking and having fun at once!
    The Zhongyuan Night Market next to Zhongyuan University is filled with shopping crowds every evening. Many high-CP delicacies that are loved by the student population have caused a queuing crowd even before business hours. The shell of the Q bomb is full of soup and meat filling, and the small soup dumpling is so satisfying! There is salted and crisp chicken hidden in the wheel pie? 8 cm domineering thickness, you can eat 2 classic snacks at once! The pork version doughnuts that are better than flour are topped with Thai hot and sour sauce and honey mustard sauce, mixing and matching to create an amazing taste. There are also hand shakes where you can draw poems, the vitamin C erupting fruit Mount Fuji, the charcoal-scented fire-grilled chicken steak..., a large collection of night market food,,Let’s eat all night!
  • Glorla Outlets

    Glorla Outlets

    The first American outside outlet in Taiwan, "Glorla Outlet" is located next to Taoyuan High Speed ​​Rail Station and Airport MRT A18 Station. At the end of 2015, Fengguang entered the station and expanded its operations throughout May 2019. Bringing together more than 285 international brands and popular restaurants at home and abroad, providing discounts of more than 20% every day. Through creative marketing activities, high-quality products and delicate services, we are committed to bringing people a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience!
  • Xpark


    "Xpark Aquatic Park" located in Qingpu, Zhongli, Taoyuan. This is the first international-class aquarium in Taiwan. After five years of planning, it is the first overseas new urban water ecological display jointly created by Japan's "Yokohama Hakkeijima Co., Ltd." and Cathay Life Insurance. The space occupies about 4,500 pings of floor space, with 3 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. The 8-meter-high transparent viewing window provides unobstructed views of the seabed and tens of thousands of marine life.
  • Chocolate Republic

    Chocolate Republic

    The Chocolate Republic located in Taoyuan’s Bade, is funded by the large chocolate factory Hongya Foods. It is jointly constructed by the Haisheng Pavilion construction team and the Huabo Dance Butterfly Pavilion construction team; the museum integrates the essence of chocolate and the concept of virtual and reality, and uses environmentally friendly building materials The green building created with modern and simple lines looks like a top-quality handmade chocolate that has been stripped and melted with chocolate syrup. The unique shape has also become the location for the idol drama "Fall in Love with Chocolate".
    In the Chocolate Republic, there is no racial gender distinction. Everyone is fascinated by chocolate regardless of age. Chocolate is a symbol of sweet love. It can convey blessings to friends, express the love that cannot be parted between family relationships, and is the best choice for loving yourself.
  • Leofoo Village Theme Park

    Leofoo Village Theme Park

    "Leofoo Village Theme Park" is equipped with well-known facilities at home and abroad, such as the world's second & only Asia's "Smiling Eagle", the country's largest artificial river channel "Grand Canyon Rapids Rafting" and "Great Pirate", dual experience journey design The "Volcano Adventure", the well-known domestic "God of Rage", the 360-degree forward and reverse rotation "Hot Wheel", the only domestic stimulation facility "3G Old Oil Well" and so on. In addition to the above-mentioned stimulating facilities, the "Leofoo Village Theme Amusement Park" is still the largest open wildlife park in Taiwan, including about 70 species and nearly 1,000 animals, providing tourists with a close-up view of the ecological beauty of wild animals.
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