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  • Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant

    Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant

    Facility Location : 7F
    Located in the vicinity of Jhongli Station, the hotel offers three luxury banquet venues: Daffodil, Peony and Rose. The columnless banquet hall exudes extraordinary artistic flair. The premium-quality venue is complemented by professional services to ensure perfection in every detail of the banquet, thereby leaving behind unforgettable memories for our guests.
    Reservation Hotline : +886-3-426-8700
  • Arcadia Cafe

    Arcadia Cafe

    Facility Location : 7F
    The well-lit dining space and cozy atmosphere creates a peaceful, delightful environment amid the urban hubbub. Passion for natural gourmet food: The finest, freshest seasonal ingredients are used to prepare Western gourmet dishes. The chef’s menu offers gastronomic delights that will satisfy the appetite of the most fastidious gourmands. The afternoon tea provides you with super value for money desserts to let you enjoy a relaxing, romantic afternoon. With an assortment of classic dishes and chef’s creative cuisine, you are invited to savor the most fashionable dining experience.
    Reservation Hotline : +886-3-426-8700
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