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Leofoo Village Theme Park

"Leofoo Village Theme Park" is equipped with well-known facilities at home and abroad, such as the world's second & only Asia's "Smiling Eagle", the country's largest artificial river channel "Grand Canyon Rapids Rafting" and "Great Pirate", dual experience journey design The "Volcano Adventure", the well-known domestic "God of Rage", the 360-degree forward and reverse rotation "Hot Wheel", the only domestic stimulation facility "3G Old Oil Well" and so on. In addition to the above-mentioned stimulating facilities, the "Leofoo Village Theme Amusement Park" is still the largest open wildlife park in Taiwan, including about 70 species and nearly 1,000 animals, providing tourists with a close-up view of the ecological beauty of wild animals.
Tour Time : 3 hours
For Guests of : 10
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