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Banquet hall with top panoramic video and audio equipment
Provide wedding related affairs, so that the new couple does not too busy
"Western-style marriage certificate frist, then wedding banquet" is the most popular wedding mode for couples 

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    Top panoramic video and audio equipment
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    Exclusive wedding planning
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    Romantic wedding arrangement
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    Welcome electronic sign
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    Intimate Wedding Butler
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    Separate bridal lounge

  • Banquet Hall Length(M) Width(M) Size(m2) High(m) Banquet Type/Table for 12 guests
    searchLotus 23.1 13.6 330 7 19 tables + 1 main table
     Lily 52 22.6 330 7 23tables + 1 main table
    Coral 9 8.5 72 7 tables
    Jade 9 8.5 72 7 tables
    Jasper 5.7 8.5 43 3 tables
    Rose 9.3 6.5 60 3 Table for 20 guests
    Jasmine 4.4 6.5 13 3 table
    Magnolia 4.4 6.5 13 3 table
    • Please refer to the date announced by the hotel during the discount period. ,
    • The above preferential projects need to guarantee 15 tables or more and pay 20% deposit in advance.
    • The main table of the banquet is mainly for 10 people, and the excess number will be charged as an additional person.
    • The price of vegetarian set meals is the same, with additional charges. All prices are subject to 10% service charge.
    • The banquet project cannot be used in combination with other projects, and the invoice cannot be compiled. After deducting the deposit on the day of the banquet, the balance fee must be paid by credit card or cash.
    • If the guaranteed number of tables is not reached on the day of the banquet, you need to prepay the guaranteed number of tables. The remaining reserved tables can be replenished within 30 days.
    • Beverages are only available during the banquet on the spot and cannot be brought or kept.
    • If you bring your own drinks, the service fee is NT$500 per table.
    • In case of cancellation of the banquet, the deposit will be deducted from the selling price of customized goods or gifts.
    • Customized products need to be confirmed 30 days before the banquet, and the content of the products cannot be changed after confirmation.
    • The cost of the Wending ceremony venue is 12,000 yuan, which includes a private box, sweet tea and glutinous rice balls for 12 people, elegant high chairs and benches.
    • The banquet project did not arrive to guarantee 23 tables, and also rented panoramic surround audio-visual equipment for a single-show discount of 150,000.
    • Fullon Hotel Taoyuan Airport MRT A8 reserves the right to amend or terminate the event.
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