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Food and Beverages

A Bar

A Bar
Sitting on the 5th floor of the Hotel, A BAR offers 100 seats and a lounge atmosphere with ceiling windows. With a dining space that serves special meals, drinks, wines, and light meals prepared by our chefs 24/7, it is a good place to delightfully enjoy your meals and drinks.
Business Hours
Price Descriptions
Beverage: Starting from NT$180+10%
Light meals: Starting from NT$380+10%
Afternoon tea: British type starting from NT$680+10% (set/2 persons)
Minimal charge per person: Starting from NT$150+10%
  1. A 10% service charge must be added to the above prices.
  2. The food and beverage service charge is defined as: 10% of the price of your meals.
  3. The actual content is subject to change without notice. Please see the announcements onsite. 
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