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  • Standard Single

    Standard Single

    Our magnificent guest rooms with comprehensive facilities are complemented by warm colors and simplicity yet modern design, which makes you feel cozy. The thoughtful space planning helps you forget the hustle and bustle of big cities and gives you a perfect accommodation environment.
    Number of Guest : 1 Guest
    Bed Type : 180cm*200cm*1
  • Superior Single

    Superior Single

    The exquisite spare items and elegant yet calm space layout are complemented by the soft and comfortable bedding to create a relaxing environment with the staid and fashionable atmosphere. This allows you to enjoy the peaceful tourist experience.
    Number of Guest : 1-2 Guests
    Bed Type : 180cm*200cm*1
  • Business Room

    Business Room

    Our guest rooms are spacious with a broad view. Their Chinese-type elegance is balanced with the fashionable splendidness. The graceful atmosphere represents different tastes. Whether you go on a business trip or sightseeing, you can have a high-quality accommodation experience and a comfortable resting space.
    Number of Guest : 1-2 Guests
    Bed Type : 180cm*200cm*1
  • Superior Room

    Superior Room

    The spacious Superior Room is furnished with one King size bed or two Single size beds to satisfy the different lodging needs. The delicate and classic decorations create a warm, elegant atmosphere for guests to enjoy comfort and freedom. 
    Number of Guest : 1-2 Guests
    Bed Type : 120cm*200cm*2、240cm*200cm*1
  • Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Room

    The comfort and spacious layout makes our guests relaxed, whether they go on a business or sightseeing trip. The room with high ceiling and warm as well as soft colors gives guests a more independent private space. 
    Number of Guest : 1-2 Guests
    Bed Type : 180cm*200cm*1
  • Executive Suite

    Executive Suite

    Every guest is provided with a premium and luxurious experience. The Executive Suite is contemporarily designed with timeless and soft colors, simplicity aesthetics and blended with the Eastern graceful and Western modern elements. The low-profile color design represents the Eastern artistic style with modernist paintings which infuses the space with the graceful and tranquil atmosphere. You can enjoy the complete relaxed experience during your stay. 
    Number of Guest : 1-2 Guests
    Bed Type : 200cm*200cm*1
  • Fullon Suite

    Fullon Suite

    The spacious and leisurely independent space is elegantly decorated with a beautiful view outside the window for you to relieve stress. The metropolitan-style Fullon Suite has a calm design style and multi-layered materials with lines and timeless neutral colors which are blended with the Eastern graceful and Western modern elements. All of them create an elegant and modernized lodging atmosphere, and perfectly interpret the simplicity of fashion and unrestrained spatial aesthetics.
    Number of Guest : 1-2 Guests
    Bed Type : 200cm*200cm*1

Price List

Fullon Hotel Taoyuan airport access mrt A8
Rooms Guests Size   Room type Price
Standard Single 1 26m²    180cm*200cm*1 NT$7,800+10%
Superior Single 2 33m²    180cm*200cm*1 NT$8,800+10%
Business Room 2 36m²    180cm*200cm*1 NT$8,800+10%
Superior Room 2 40m²    120cm*200cm*2 or 240cm*200cm*1 NT$9,800+10%
Deluxe Room 2 46m²   180cm*200cm*1 NT$10,800+10%
Executive Suite 2 60m²   200cm*200cm*1 NT$13,800+10%
Fullon Suite 2 112m²   200cm*200cm*1 NT$32,800+10%

※ Includes premium breakfast for one or two guests.
※The guests can surf the Internet using the broadband network, go to the gym, or take a sauna bath for free. (Because the group guests enjoy discounts, they cannot use them for free. If you need these services, contact the Sales Department.)
※The above price is for one or two persons. No extra bed is provided for additional persons and NT$1,200+10% should be paid for additional persons.  (Including the breakfast, spare items, and leisure facilities-sauna and gym)
※Our hotel has coin washing machines and they are available 07:00-22:00. You are welcome to use them.
※ Check-in after 15:00. Check-out before 12:00 noon. 
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