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  • Fu-Yue Dim Sum

    Fu-Yue Dim Sum

    Facility Location : L floor
    In this Chinese restaurant, ingredients of the season are selected to present a classical Hong Kong style and cook the top-level dishes to surprise you visually and your palette. We have VIP booths for you and respect your privacy during meals.
    Reservation Hotline : +886-4-2557-1366 #8320
  • Jyun En Japanese cuisine

    Jyun En Japanese cuisine

    Facility Location : L Floor
    It is on the L Floor of the hotel. It has a broad, bright dining space and a Japanese ambience created by a simplistic style. Integrating top culinary skills with fresh, delicious ingredients, the chefs present the aesthetics and fashion of food.
    Reservation Hotline : +886-4-2557-1366 #8322
  • Arcadia Café

    Arcadia Café

    Facility Location : 1F
    In Arcadia Café of Fullon Hotel Lihpao Land, chefs prepare seafood, steak meals, classical entrées and veggie dishes with ingredients of the season. We serve by order and prepare multiple dishes, including fish meal, hand roll and cut-by-order ribeye steak. We hold events for preparing food from different countries to surprise you visually and your palette.
    Reservation Hotline : +886-4-2557-1366 #8321
  • Café Bar

    Café Bar

    Facility Location : L Floor
    Our café in the hall provides cakes, desserts, coffee and beverages for you to enjoy a relaxed afternoon tea time. In a classical space with bright sunshine, you can sit on comfortable, elegant seats and be soaked in a happy holiday mood.
    Reservation Hotline : +886-4-2557-1366 #8353
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