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  • Train


    1.Take the Taiwan Railway and get off at Houli Station,
    A. Transfer to the bus: Bus No. 155 or Bus 811 will go directly to Lihpao Land, and then walk about 2 minutes to the hotel.
    B. Transfer to Lihpao Land's special taxi, Houli-Lihpao Land's taxi fare is about 250 yuan
    C. Take the free shuttle bus to Lihpao Land (please exit at the back station and wait at the Houli Elementary School Bus Station)

    2. Take the Taiwan Railway and get off at Fengyuan Station,
    A. Transfer to bus: starting from about 30 minutes, the fare is about 33 yuan, please refer to "Passenger Transport".
  • Bus


    1.Fengyuan Bus Transportation:
    ● Taichung Railway Station → Fengyuan → Lihpao Land
    1. Take Fengyuan Passenger Transport No. 12, 55, 202, 203, 700, 900 → Fengyuan
    2-1. Transfer to Fengyuan Passenger Transport No. 215 → Directly to Lihpao Land
    2-2. Transfer to Fengyuan Passenger Transport No. 212 and 213 → Yuemei Sugar Factory → Free shuttle bus from Lihpao to the park

    ● Dajia → Lihpao Land
    Transfer to Fengyuan Passenger Transport No. 215 → directly to Lihpao Land

    ● Boarding location:
    Park: Explore the park exit, go straight to the center of the square and turn right, go down the stairs and go straight to the end, turn right and you will see the red bus stop sign
    Fengyuan Passenger Transport-Dajia Station: Turn right after exiting Dajia Railway Station and walk about 20 meters along the section of Zhongshan Road
    ● Remarks: There are occasional delays in traffic conditions. The above time is for reference only. Passengers please forgive me. If passengers are not able to wait for a long time, they can take a taxi and transfer to the taxi waiting area.

    ★ Others: Taichung City bus card holders, the first 10 kilometers free of charge.
    Taichung City Government’s preferential program. People must hold a travel card and a one-pass card to enjoy free good health within 10 kilometers of the basic mileage of Taichung City’s bus. You can take advantage of this discount, and you can save money to Lihpao Land by paying a small fee. !
    Welcome more use of public transportation, energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental protection.
    2.United Highway Bus :
    No.1617 Taipei Bus Station - Lihpao Land

    ●Please check the bus time before 15:00 at Ticket booth.
    ●The last bus in summer vacation is 19:50.
    ●Place to take - Leave Discovery World (Theme park), go straight to the square, turn right and go down stairs, and finally turn right. You can see a red bus stop.  
    ●Please have a reservation three hours before the bus time.
    ●Place to buy - Discovery World Ticket booth No.8
    Tell: +886-2-25588001 
  • Car


    1.Freeway No. 1:
    Take the exit for Houli, Waipu. Follow signs for 3 minutes to reach Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel.

    2. Freeway No. 3:
    Take the exit for Dajia, Waipu. Follow signs for Waipu for approx. 15 minutes to reach Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel.

    3. Freeway No. 4:
    Take the exit for Shengang, Houli. Follow signs for Houli for approx. 15 minutes to reach Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel.

    4. 省道:

    5. 海線
  • High-speed rail

    High-speed rail

    Get off at Taichung station and transfer to free shuttle bus (please make a reservation on the website) to Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel.
  • Airplane


    Get off at Taichung International Airport, transfer to bus No.302 to KUO-KUANG eBus  Chaoma Station, and transfer to free shuttle bus to Lihpao Resort.
  • Compact



    Lihpao Land<->Lihpao Racing Park<->Yamay Sugar Factory<->Houli Train Station (Houli elementary school)

    Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel↹↹↹HSR Taichung Station

    Lihpao Outlet Mall↹↹↹Taichung Chaoma
    202211接駁車(outlet到朝馬 更新

    Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel<-> Lihpao Outlet Mal <->Lihpao Outlet Mal II <->Lihpao Land <-> Lihpao Racing Park

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