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Fullon Hotels ( referred to as the websites in the following) is operated by Fullon Hotels & Resorts (referred to as our company).  Our company highly values protecting your privacy. Your personal information will be collected, processed, and used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and this privacy policy. We will provide you with the rights on the use of and protect your personal data. 

Scope of this policy
Before using the service provided on the websites, please confirm to follow the terms and conditions of this policy. If you do not agree or agree partially, please do not use the service of the websites.  The policy is effective on the websites only. If you click the links of third-party websites and advertisements, you should follow the privacy policies of those websites and webpage operators without any concern of our website. 

For the convenience of identification in the future, when you use the service of our websites, the websites may setup and retrieve cookies on your computer. 
You may decide whether you allow the use of cookie technology via the setup of your personal computer or web facilities. When you turn cookies off, it may cause inconvenience or limit certain functions when using the service of our websites. 

Privacy and security 
Regarding the staff that may have contact with the users’ data during work, our company will grant them limited access authority depending on their duties to ensure maximum protection on user’s data. 

We strongly advise all users not to disclose their account data to any third party. The websites will not contact you via telephone or email not provided by you. Nevertheless, if you decide to provide your personal data to a third party, you will be responsible for the disclosure. All the disclosed data should be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the third party. It you disclose your account ID by accident, please change your account data on our websites. 

The websites employ full-time information security staff to monitor and ensure all the behaviors on the websites to be legal. All the users’ data will be protected with maximum security. Nevertheless, existing technology cannot guarantee 100% safety regarding the information transmission on the internet and online transactions. The websites cannot guarantee safety of all the uploaded information and online transactions. Therefore, when users using web products or web services, they must be responsible for the risk of the information transmission and transactions online. 

The modification of the privacy policy
When there is any obvious modification of the privacy policy, our company will announce the news online.  If you do not agree with the change or modification, please stop using the services provide by the websites. You should also inform the websites to stop collecting, processing, and using your personal data in accordance with the privacy policy. 

Questions and suggestions
If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at

We use cookie technology to continue to optimize the website browsing, web flow analysis, personalization, and digital advertisement. We respect and endeavor to protect your privacy. If you want to understand how the websites protect your cookie and digital data, please check the privacy policy, or click the “Agree to enter the websites” button. It means you agree to use the cookies of the websites. 
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