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Food and Beverages

  • Premier Lounge (25th Floor)

    Premier Lounge (25th Floor)

    Facility Location : Breakfast – Hotel 2F Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant /Lunch and Dinner – Hotel 25F Premier Lounge
    ▲ Introduction The installation art in this lounge is blended with fashion and aesthetics. In this comfortable leisure space, you can come here in the evening and listen to the soft music with partners or friends after heavy work. You can cool down, retreat from the fast-paced life and relieve stress by sitting in a cozy, high-class sofa and sipping a drink specially mixed for you. In this lounge, you can taste delicacies cooked by professional chefs and enjoy easiness in the trip.
    Reservation Hotline : +886 07-551-1188
  • Arcadia Café

    Arcadia Café

    Facility Location : Hotel 1F Garden Cafe
    ▲ Introduction Our new Arcadia Café in the hall has sandwiches, juice, ice cream and Western-style pastries. It is great for enjoying afternoon tea with friends or talking about business with partners. It is the best for people to enjoy healthy meals.
    Reservation Hotline : +886 07-551-1188#7721
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