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  • Scenic Suite

    Scenic Suite

    It is an independent triangular space taking up the whole floor. You can overlook the beautiful view of Love Pier up-close and enjoy different great scenes of Kaohsiung Harbor.
    Number of Guest : 2 pax
    Bed Type : 200cm*200cm*1 or 120cm*200cm*2

Price List

Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung
Hotel tariff
Room Type People Ping   Bed Type Price
Superior Room (City View) 2 10   120 cm*200 cm*2  NT$6,000+10%
Superior Room (Harbor View) 2 10   200 cm*200 cm*1 NT$6,800+10%
Deluxe Twin Room (City View) 4 10   150 cm*200 cm*2  NT$7,800+10%
Superior Scenic Suite(Harbor View) 2 13   200 cm*200 cm*1 or 120cm*200cm*2 NT$10,800+10%
Superior Family Suite(City View) 4 17   150 cm*200 cm*2  NT$12,800+10%
Executive Room(City View) 2 10   120 cm*200 cm*2 or 200 cm*200 cm*1 NT$7,800+10%
Executive Room(Harbor View) 2 10   120 cm*200 cm*2 or 200 cm*200 cm*1 NT$8,800+10%
Executive Deluxe Twin Room(City View) 4 10   150 cm*200 cm*2  NT$9,800+10%
Executive Scenic Suite(Harbor View) 2 13.3   200 cm*200 cm*1 NT$12,800+10%
 Executive Suite(City View) 2~4 17   150 cm*200 cm*2 or 120cm*200cm*2 NT$14,800+10%
Premier Room(City View) 2 10   120 cm*200 cm*2 or 200 cm*200 cm*1 NT$9,000+10%
Premier Splendor Room(city view) 2 17   120 cm*200 cm*2  NT$15,800+10% 
Premier Splendor Room(harbor view) 2 18.5   105cm*200cm*2(Join Bed)  NT$18,800+10%
Premier Suite(City View) 2 29.2   210cm* 200cm*1 NT$33,800+10%
Premier Suite(Harbor View) 2 29.5    210cm* 200cm*1 NT$37,800+10%
Fullon Suite(Harbor View) 2 40    210cm* 200cm*1 NT$58,800+10%

▲ Please note:
※Includes premium breakfast for one or two guests.
※All major credit cards and Taiwan Traveler Card accepted.
※Early check-in and late check-out require additional charges and advance reservation.
※Guests may use recreational facilities (provided depending on the project package).
※Free drinks at the mini bar, free network, free parking [limited parking space]
※The price above is for two guests. No extra bed service.
※We provide free baby cot. (Please make a reservation before checking in.)
※Please make a reservation for the THSR shuttle no later than the day before checking in.
※Check-in after 15:00. Check-out before 12:00 noon. 
▲ Definitions of adults and children 
※ Height 114 cm or less: child, free of charge.
※ Height 115-150 cm: child (no additional bed); child meal price applies. Child occupying a bed: additional occupancy rate applies. 
※ Height 151 cm or above: adult; additional occupancy rate applies. 
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