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  • Dali Datong
    Hiking trails in Hualien

    Dali Datong

    The trail towards Dali begins next to the public restrooms at the Taroko Terrace Bus Parking Lot. It overlaps Dekalun Trail and then ascends via steps. A one-way hike to Dali takes about three hours, and then two and a half hours from Dali Village to Datong Village. The trail features information signboards along the way.

    |This trail’s terrain is steep. Please be aware of your own physical condition before entering the trail, and plan your time accordingly.
    |Some portions of the road are complicated. Using a guide is advised.
    |The trail is located in the park’s general protected area as well as indigenous reserved land. Please respect the local residents’ culture and lifestyle; do not trespass into homes or onto farmland.
  • Sakura Trail
    Hiking trails in Hualien

    Sakura Trail

    Shapodang Mountain, where the Sakura Trail is situated, is located east of Central Mountain Range. The 495m-high mountain has the oldest strata in Taiwan. From the lookout platform on top of Sakura Trail, you can see the water and sky merge into one.
  • Zhuilu Cliffs
    Hiking trails in Hualien

    Zhuilu Cliffs

    Zhuilu Old Road is located 300m to 400m above Zhuilu Cliff. There is a small path which was the only path available before the construction of Central Cross-Island Highway. The trail begins at Swallow Grotto East Trailhead and ends at Heliu Cimu Bridge with a distance of 10.3 km but the Zhuilu Old Road is only open to 3.1 km (from the Swallow Grotto east trailhead to the cliff (Duanyai) outpost. Visitors have to take the same route back. A Park Entry Permit for this trail is required 1-30 days prior to your requested date.

    |07:00 am -10:00 am entry this trail.
    |Due to the unique characteristics of the Zhuilu Old Road, entrance is limited per day to 96 people on weekdays and 156 people on weekends and holidays.
    |If you would like to visit the trail, please apply for a park entry permit from Taroko National Park Headquarters:
    |Park entry permit application phone number: +886 3 862 1576.
    |Park entry permit email:
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