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Hiking trails in Hualien

Dali Datong

The trail towards Dali begins next to the public restrooms at the Taroko Terrace Bus Parking Lot. It overlaps Dekalun Trail and then ascends via steps. A one-way hike to Dali takes about three hours, and then two and a half hours from Dali Village to Datong Village. The trail features information signboards along the way.

|This trail’s terrain is steep. Please be aware of your own physical condition before entering the trail, and plan your time accordingly.
|Some portions of the road are complicated. Using a guide is advised.
|The trail is located in the park’s general protected area as well as indigenous reserved land. Please respect the local residents’ culture and lifestyle; do not trespass into homes or onto farmland.
Tour Time : About one day
  • Datong Village

    Datong Village, formerly named Shakadang, is located on a 1128-meter-high terrace above the left bank, near the middle section of Shakadang River. These two villages were relocated in 1980 to the Minle Community in Xiulin Township’s Fushi Village. They were the last villages in Taroko National Park to be moved from the mountains.

    Datong Village
    Landmark : Datong Village
  • Dali Village

    Dali Village, formerly known as Xoxos, is above the left bank of Shakadang River, located on a 915-meter-high terrace.

    Dali Village
    Landmark : Dali Village
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