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  • Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Room

    A home away from home. Enjoy yourself at the delicate interior design and the cozy ambiance.
    Number of Guest : 2 Per person
    Bed Type : 180cm*200cm
  • Family Room

    Family Room

    The bright, refreshing environment and joyful space are the best vacation resort for you and your family .Also a great opportunity to build up family cohesion.
    Number of Guest : 2 Per person
    Bed Type : 180*200cm
  • Superior Double

    Superior Double

    The ingenuity in this exquisite Japanese & Western style room will make you feel surprised and touched. Watch the beautiful sunset scene and open your mind. It is the beginning of our golden vacation in Tamsui.
    Number of Guest : 2 Per person
    Bed Type : 120cm*200cm or 180cm*200cm+120cm*200cm

Price list

Fullon Hotel Tamsui
Room Type People Ping   Bed Pricing
Deluxe Room 2 10.5    180cm*200cm NT$10,800+10%
Family Room Type B 2 13.5   180cm*200cm NT$11,800+10%
Family Room Type A 2 13.5   180cm*200cm NT$12,800+10%
Superior Double 2 13.5   120cm*200cm or 180cm*200cm+120cm*200cm NT$12,800+10%
Deluxe Sea View Family
Type B
2 13.5    180cm*200cm NT$14,800+10%
Deluxe Sea View Family
Type A
2 13.5    180cm*200cm NT$15,800+10%
Ocean View Japanese Suite 2 13.5   120cm*200cm or 200cm*200cm NT$15,800+10%
Ocean View Honeymoon Suite 2 27    200cm*200cm NT$21,800+10%
Classical suite TypeB 2 19    180cm*200cm NT$20,800+10%
Classical suite Type A 2 23    180cm*200cm NT$22,800+10% 
Deluxe Suite 2 27    200cm*200cm&120cm*200cm  NT$28,800+10%
Fullon Suite 2 42    200cm* 200cm NT$75,800+10%

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