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Food and Beverages

  • Chef A-Chi Dimsum Restaurant

    Chef A-Chi Dimsum Restaurant

    Facility Location : 1F
    Located at 1F of the Hotel, the restaurant’s authentic Cantonese dim sum and spectacular ocean view have been highly acclaimed by the gourmets. Still keeping the traditional dim sum cart service, pushing carts with steaming bamboo steamers deliver all the delectable dishes straight to guests’ tables, so they can enjoy the food when they are fresh and hot. The restaurant has been recognized with World Luxury Restaurant Awards, Gourmet Master Chefs Best Restaurant, and Cross-Strait Annual Food & Beverage Gold Awards – Top 10 Restaurants.
    Reservation Hotline : 886-2-2805-9958#8153
  • Arcadia Café

    Arcadia Café

    Facility Location : 2F
    Located at 2F of the Hotel, the joyful ocean-view live-music family restaurant offers buffet feasts of varying themes every season. The chef makes the finest selections of seasonable local ingredients; with the semi-open kitchen, freshly made dishes can be easily seen! The Café has a natural garden style design and a bird’s eye view over Guanyin Mountain and Tamsui River bank. At dinner, a live band performance will accompany you through a leisurely dining time!
    Reservation Hotline : 886-2-2805-9958 #8122、8120
  • Lobby Café

    Lobby Café

    Facility Location : 1F
    Located at 1F of the Hotel, its high ceiling and brightly lit space is furnished with Tamsui’s eight view decorations on the wall and elegant crystal chandelier. Regular exhibitions of different artists’ paintings are on display. Listening to musical performance while indulging in our charming desserts and aromatic coffee, guests here will surely enjoy a relaxing break. Leaving the leisurely ambiance of the day, the café turns into a night bar as it enters the sparkling nighttime. Enjoying the live band singing and having a specially made drink, let yourself completely unwind from the day and savor the pleasurable night.
    Reservation Hotline : 886-2-2805-9958 #8122、8120
  • Chef A-Chi Chao Restaurant

    Chef A-Chi Chao Restaurant

    Facility Location : 2F
    Located at 2F of Chef A-Chi Dimsum Restaurant, Chao originates from its insistence on providing gourmet dishes and has an exclusive view of the luxuriously spectacular views of the mountains and the ocean by Tamsui River. Different from other Cantonese style restaurants, this restaurant is based on the “chao” (meaning stylish in Chinese) philosophy, creating an understated yet extravagant flair. Semi-open VIP rooms are suitable for small banquets that desire individual spaces. The open ocean view outside the window allows the Restaurant to offer its guests the ultimate enjoyment, for their taste buds as well as overall aromatic and visual sensations.
    Reservation Hotline : 886-2-2805-9958 #8133、#8285
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