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lih spa

lih spa
Our philosophy revolves around gentle care to ignite the self-restoration of the mind and body.
Aromatherapy warms the heart and soothes the body. 
Li. Lih spa provides our services with all heart
Combine the essence of Spa aromatherapy from different countries
Spirits of the traditional Chinese medicine – Five Elements and meridian
Energy activation of the Indian chakras
European beauty and fitness methods
We offer 30 kinds of treatments that quickly relieve the weary traveler.
Our original ocean Spa integrates all the advantages of both bicarbonate and salt spring. That’s why it’s so unique and precious. With an abundance of minerals, it is light amber in color yet odorless. The fine texture can moisturize your skin just like natural lotions. The rarely seen seabed hot spring contains chloride bicarbonate. It’s not only antibacterial, but also beneficial to the relief of nerve pain and muscle ache. It is very popular among our visitors thanks to its gorgeous efficacy. 
Opening Hours
Wednesday ~Thursday 14:00~21:00

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