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Exquisite Triple Room

Exquisite Triple Room
  • Room SpaceRoom SpaceApprox. 23-26 m2
  • Number of Occupying GuestsNumber of Occupying GuestsThree
  • Bed Type InfoBed Type Info105 x 200 (1 Single size bed) + 150 x 200 (1 King size bed)
  • Bathroom SpaceBathroom SpaceSeparate shower and grooming areas
The spacious, comfortable space features an elegant, charming design and premium quality bedding to ease your tense nerves and enables to enjoy a joyous vacation.

ROOM PRICE:5,500 TWD +10%  

▲ Please note:
※Includes 3 exquisite breakfasts
※ Complimentary mineral water, coffee, tea bags.
※No extra bed service is available. 
※Check in: After 15:00, check out: Before 11:00
※ If you need to change to another room type, you must pay the difference between the room rates.
▲ Definitions of adults and children 
※Those who are no taller than 115 cm are considered children and will not be charged.
※Those who are between 115 cm and 150 cm are considered youths; those who do not take up beds will be charged youth breakfast fees, while those who take up beds will be charged as additional guests. 
※ Height 151 cm or above: adult; additional occupancy rate applies. 
The above is subject to change without prior notice.
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