It is on the 1st floor and it has a cozy, refined design. The recreational facilities available are the gym, children’s playground, sauna for men and women, and outdoor swimming pool. The sauna for men and women consists of the cold pool, hot pool, steam bath and sauna chamber.
1. Guests must have sauna coupons if they wish to enter the sauna for men and women. (Group guests apply the special offer plan and are not covered within this range of use. For self-pay charges, please refer to the announcement on-site.   )
2. Children under 12 are not allowed to use these facilities.
3. Please follow the rules for the use of facilities and pay attention to the safe way to use these facilities.
4. Based on our management responsibility, we reserve the right to open or shut down the sauna for maintenance or seasonal closure.
5. We recommend you not to enter after 21:30.