Open in summer (April-October).
Opening hours:
06:30-22:00 (Mon-Sun)
(Closed from 06:30 to 22:00 every Monday and Thursday for maintenance)
*Pool depth: 120 cm.
*Please follow the instructions and advice of the lifeguard.
*Please shower and wash your feet before getting into the pool.
*Users must wear swimsuits, swimming trunks and swimming caps. 
*No food is allowed in the swimming pool.
*Guests with skin conditions and infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the pool.
*DO NOT run or play around the pool. Diving is not allowed.
*DO NOT use any swimming floats or toys in the pool.
*DO NOT get into the pool after drinking or eating.
*Children under 16 years old should be accompanied by a parent. Parents need to sign the guarantee letter and submit it to the Customer Services Department.
*Please notify the coach if you have any special diseases (such as heart disease and asthma).