▲ Introduction
Our philosophy revolves around gentle care to ignite the self-restoration of the mind and body.
Aromatherapy warms the heart and soothes the body. 
The water at Lih Spa comes from a depth of 1,560 meters in the Datun Fault.
The water from this sodium bicarbonate spring and salt spring is warm and smooth, 
and goes by the name of the Golden Beauty Bath. Similar to the quality of the Hokkaido springs, it leaves the body and mind in a relaxed state,
and rehydrates the skin, giving it a smooth feel.
▲ Location
3F Level
▲ Opening hours
TWD 1999/30 minutes
TWD 2199/30 minutes
TWD 3799/80 minutes
TWD 1699/30 minutes

TWD 2699/60 minutes
TWD 2999/60 minutes
TWD 3799/60 minutes
ACIAL TRTWD 2199/30 minutesEATMENT
▲ Contact us
(Service by telephone appointment only) at 02-2701-1239 # 9
The above is subject to change without prior notice.