Age policy:
Adult: Over 150cm tall
Child: 115cm – 150cm tall
Infant: Under 115cm tall

Located in the beautiful scenery of Sanxia District in New Taipei City, the Fullon Hotel Sanyin sits close to the Sanying Interchange along Freeway No. 3, conveniently accessible from the north and south. Sanjiaoyong Old Street has a long history as the major commercial street of Sanxia. The antique red brick facades still attest to the long heritage of the area. The indigo dying craft and local culture have created a unique heritage, which is presently shown through themed itineraries and educational activities to visitors around the world who want to personally experience the beauty of indigo dye and the distinctive art from Sanxia.

Nearby Yingge is a ceramic town, and the Sijiao Pottery on Ceramic Street is a famous landmark symbolizing the prosperity of the early days of Yingge ceramics. The ceramic stores along the old street offer ceramic workshops where visitors can produce simple ceramic works to take home. The famous Yingge Ceramics Museum houses a wide collection of exquisite and elegant ceramic works to show visitors the wonderful history of Yingge ceramics.

The simple design, green environment, comfortable and elegant rooms, fine dining of the Fullon Hotel Sanyin make guests feel like they’re in the garden of Eden.

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