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  • Superior Single

    Superior Single

    Sophisticated and well-equipped rooms make you feel comfortable and carefree. You can leave all worries outside of the room and escape from the city. You would feel at home in this attentive and humanized space.
    Number of Guest : one person
    Bed Type : 180 cm×200 cm*1
  • Superior Twin

    Superior Twin

    The room has a classical, calm space with soft, comfortable bedding, creating a relaxed environment. You can enjoy the quietness, recover from fatigue and sleep well.
    Number of Guest : two persons
    Bed Type : 105 cm×200 cm*2 or 200 cm×200 cm*1
  • Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Room

    The rooms are spacious and bright. With a broad view outside the window and unique paintings in the room, tired travelers can rest well in our rooms. The carpet and curtain in the room are flame-resistant and all-series German sanitary wares are installed to provide high-quality accommodation.
    Number of Guest : two persons
    Bed Type : 120 cm×200 cm*2 / 240 cm x200 cm*1
  • Executive Room

    Executive Room

    The furniture has a warm color and fashionable design. We build a comfortable, vast recreational environment, great for long business stay.
    Number of Guest : two person
    Bed Type : 180 cm×200 cm*1
  • Triple


    This room has three beds. On your trip on stay with family friends, you can share happiness with them while ensuring a comfortable sleeping quality.
    Number of Guest : three persons
    Bed Type : 105 cm×200 cm*3
  • Family Twin

    Family Twin

    The room is bright and has a broad view, elegant decorations and two King size beds. Your family would feel relaxed in here. Our room is your best choice for accommodation on your family trip.
    Number of Guest : four persons
    Bed Type : 150 cm×200 cm*2
  • Executive Suite

    Executive Suite

    Our 66 m2 suite, consisting a bedroom and living room, has bright lighting, warm furnishings and unique artworks. It is an exclusive recreational space for our guests. We provide direct phone and free broadband network for you to work on your business anytime!
    Number of Guest : two persons
    Bed Type : 200 cm×200 cm*1

Price List

Fullon Hotel Linkou
Room Type Number of Guest Room Space   Bed Type Info Price
Superior Single one person 30 m2   180 cm×200 cm*1 NT$5,600+10%
Superior Twin two persons 33 m²   105 cm×200 cm*2 or 210 cm×200 cm*1 NT$6,000+10%
Deluxe Room two persons 36 m2   120 cm×200 cm*2 or 240 cm x200 cm*1 NT$6,600+10%
Executive Room two persons 36 m2   180 cm×200 cm*1 NT$7,600+10%
Triple three persons 30 m2   105 cm×200 cm*3 NT$7,600+10%
Family Twin four persons 40 m2   150 cm×200 cm*2 NT$8,600+10%
Executive Suite two persons 66 m2   200 cm×200 cm*1 NT$12,600+10%

♦Includes a fine breakfast for one or two persons.
♦Guests have access to the broadband network, gym, sauna and parking lot (limited parking spaces). (The guest group is under a discount program. The rules above are not applicable to the guest group. Contact Sales Department for the access to these facilities.)
♦The description above is for one or two guests per room. We do not add any extra bed. For two or three more guests, each one is charged NT$800+10% (including breakfast, amenities and access to recreational facilities, including the sauna and gym).
♦Our hotel charges a flat rate per room. Please select the room size based on the number of occupants.
♦Our hotel has coin washing machines and they are available 07:00-22:00. You are welcome to use them.
♦Check-in after 15:00. Check-out before 12:00 noon.

Definition of children:
♦Height 114 cm or less: child, free of charge.
♦A child fee is charged for a child whose height is between 115 cm-150 cm.
♦Height 151 cm or above: adult; additional occupancy rate applies.
♦Free toiletries, cribs and baby bath tubs are available.
♦Prices are subject to change without prior notice. On-site announcements prevail.
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