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Our gym has comprehensive exercise equipment for guests to stretch their body, which is good for health and staying in shape.

♦Visitors are not permitted to enter the exercise area and obstruct others from exercising.
♦Guests must put on workout wear and sports shoes before entering the gym.
♦For safety reasons, children under 16 must not enter the gym.
♦Guests should warm up before exercising and follow the coach’s instructions.
♦Please return the fitness equipment to their original positions after use.
♦Please do not bring food inside the gym.
♦Please do not enter the gym nor use the facilities after eating or drinking alcohol.
♦Please use the facilities carefully and observe the instructions.

♦Free saunas for men/women and gyms in the hotel are the best places for mental and physical relaxation during tourist and business trips. Based on our management responsibility, we reserve the right to open or shut down the sauna for maintenance or seasonal closure.
♦This complimentary use does not apply to groups. For groups, please contact the sales department for details.
♦For a guest group who wishes to have access to La Fontaine Club (gym, sauna), each person is charged NT300 without a service fee.
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