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Fullon Hotels & Resorts has exerted the advantages of urban and holiday hotels of the northern, central, southern, and eastern region. Featuring comprehensive large, medium, and small meeting venues, to satisfy the diversified demand of different customer groups. Allowing enterprises and attending guests to experience a different meeting vacation

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  • Floor Rooms length*Width(M) Ping(M) high(M) Banquet(10 People) Conference /People Theater type /People 口 Shape
    3F Hibiscus 27*12.8 154.28 2.3 30 160 270 --
    3F lily 15.5*8.5 39.85 2.3 8 80 130 56
    3F peony 12.8*11 42.59 2.3 7 70 100 38
    3F Narcissus 12.8*7.7 29.81 2.3 6 40 100 32
    5F 5F Meet Room 14.9*9.5 42.88 2.2 -- 80 120 56
    5F 5F Meet Room 4.82*4.8 7 2.2 -- 12 20 14

    Time and Venue
    (1) AM 08:00-12:00 (2) PM 13:00-17:00
    (3) PM 18:00-21:00 (4) All day 08:00-17:00
    ※One hour advance preparation period available for every usage. Extended venue fee applied, if preparation period exceed more than an hour.
    ※Quotation include free usage of:two wireless microphones, video projector, projection pcreen, whiteboard, podium and or stage, writing paper, pencils      and bottled water.
    ※Free parking available for attendee and staff.
    ※Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung, reserve the right to make changes without prior notice, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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