▲ Introduction
The cold pool, hot pool, steam room, sauna chamber and lounge are available in the sauna. It helps activate the body’s cells, promotes blood circulation, enhances immunity,helps the body and mind relax, and improves health.
▲ Location
Ground floor (B1)
▲ Opening hours
Sunday to  Friday 14:00-22:00
Saturday 07:00~2200
Last entry time is 21:30
▲ Rate
It is free for guests.
▲ Instructions for use
※Please mind the hot equipment in the dry room and steam room.
※Do not use the facilities of this area if you are in poor health, suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, infectious diseases, asthma, epilepsy, or when you have just finished your meal or have consumed alcohol.
※Please shower before using the facilities. Please do not wear swimwear or underwear.
※Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed into the sauna.
※No smoking, eating, or drinking in this area.
※ Please rest for 10-15 minutes after exercise before using this facility.
※For safety reasons, women are advised not to use the facilities in this area during pregnancy or menstruation.
※For your safety, do not use the dry room or cold pool for more than 10 minutes.
※This is a private space. Please respect the privacy of others. Do not film or shoot.
※Inform our staff immediately if you feel uncomfortable.
▲ Routine maintenance
The Monday of the first week every month is the day for facility maintenance and repair and it is closed.
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