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Match your needs
Realize your imagination of the meeting It is suitable for holding company meetings, seminars, education and training, etc.
The venue and services can be arranged according to the needs of guests, and professional conference equipment is provided to make the meeting more efficient.



  • Floor Hall name Length * width (M) M (M2) Square meters(M) Height (M) Classroom type Theater type/number of people Horseshoe Mouth font
    3F Banquet Hall 24*24 527.92 135.5 3.1 200 300 50 60
    2F searchCoral Hall 16.93*7.76 130.14 39.37 2.5 40 80 30 40
    2F searchPearl Hall 6.36*5.45 34.66 10.49 2.36   20 15 18

    ※ Time period description: divided into four time periods
    (1)Morning 08:00-12:00 (2)Afternoon 13:00-17:00
    (3)Evening 18:00-21:00  (4)All day 08:00-17:00

    ※Pre-arranged venues, more than 1 hour will be charged according to the scheduling fee, and overtime will be charged according to the extended budget.
    ※Facilities for meeting rooms: Microphones, projectors, screens, whiteboards, paper, pens, and water are provided. Other meeting meals will be charged separately.
    (There is no additional 10% service charge for conference room rental)
    ※This hotel reserves the final permission for modification, and any changes will be made without notice.
  • Floor Hall Name Charge per session (NT$)/4 hours Extended period Additional hourly charge (NT$/H) Extended period after 22:00 Additional hourly charge (NT$/H)
    3F Banquet Hall 12,000 3,000 3,750
    2F Coral Hall 6,000 1,500 2,250
    2F Pearl Hall 4,000 1,000 1,250
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