Recreation center
Don’t wanna spend more on whitening skin care products under the blazing sun in Kenting?? 
No problem!! You can spend most of your time at our recreation center on B1F. Play table tennis, billiards, bowling and arcade games or even Mahjong with your best friends. Your vacation, you take the charge. 
※Opening hours:  
Table tennis & billiards 08:00-23:00 
Chess room 08:00-23:00 
Arcade games 08:00-23:00 
Bowling alley 08:00-12:00
Table tennis/billiards: free for staying guests 
Chess room:  NT$500/room/hour (you’ll be charged NT$200-NT$500 if you bring outside food)
Arcade games: coin-operated machine
Bowling alley: NT$40/game, shoe rental NT$10/pair, NT$ 360/lane (children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by their parents)