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Chocolate Republic

The Chocolate Republic located in Taoyuan’s Bade, is funded by the large chocolate factory Hongya Foods. It is jointly constructed by the Haisheng Pavilion construction team and the Huabo Dance Butterfly Pavilion construction team; the museum integrates the essence of chocolate and the concept of virtual and reality, and uses environmentally friendly building materials The green building created with modern and simple lines looks like a top-quality handmade chocolate that has been stripped and melted with chocolate syrup. The unique shape has also become the location for the idol drama "Fall in Love with Chocolate".
In the Chocolate Republic, there is no racial gender distinction. Everyone is fascinated by chocolate regardless of age. Chocolate is a symbol of sweet love. It can convey blessings to friends, express the love that cannot be parted between family relationships, and is the best choice for loving yourself.
Tour Time : 2 hours
For Guests of : 10
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