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Zhongli Night Market

Zhongli Night Market is located on Xinming Road in Zhongli District, between Zhongli West Intersection and Minquan Intersection. The total length is about 700 meters. It is one of the best tourist night markets in Taoyuan City. There are many schools nearby. In the morning, it is a common traffic road. There will be many school buses passing here. Every evening, they start to set up stalls. At this time, the busy Xinming Road during the day will be transformed into a base camp for vendors, from the stalls on both sides. Stalls are regularly set up around the road and in the middle, attracting a large influx of people. On holidays, it is even more impenetrable. It can be said that the more beautiful the night.
Tour Time : 2 hours
For Guests of : 10
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