Opening hours: 07:00-22:00 (depending on weather)
Located on the 3rd floor, the swimming and hydrotherapy pools provide a magnificent view of the Pacific and allow guests to relax while spending their time leisurely. 
※Swimming pool depth: 120 cm; hydrotherapy pool depth: 80 cm.
※Please follow the instruction and advice of the lifeguard.
※Please shower and wash your feet before entering the pool.
※ No entry without swimwear and swim cap.
※ Do not bring in food.
※ Do not use the pool if you have a skin disease or any infectious disease.
※DO NOT run or play around the pool. Diving is not allowed.
※ Do not use floating devices or toys in the pool.
※ Please don’t use the pool right after a meal or after alcohol. 
※Children under 10 must be accompanied by parents or a guardian when entering the pool.
※ If you have any special conditions, please inform the coach (such as: heart disease, asthma, etc.).
※To ensure the safety of guests, the Fullon Hotel Hualien reserves all rights to close the facilities in the event of bad weather or unpredictable factors.