(1) Game area
      Opening hours: 07:00-23:00
      Introduction: located on level B1 of the hotel, this area provides games, including XBOX360s, Kinect, billiards, table tennis, table football and air hockey.
      DIY and VR facilities are offered with an additional charge. Truly a paradise full of fun for all.
      Note: On-site registration or reservation. Last entry: 22:00. Please contact 7520 or 7523 if you have any questions.
(2) Karaoke box
     Opening hours: 16:00-23:30
     Introduction: A fun and comfortable place for guests who love singing. In the karaoke box, you can sing in high spirits with friends!
     Facility guideline: private box
     Box charge: Large box: NT$ 800+10%/hour (2 rooms, for approx. 15 guests); Small box:  NT$ 600+10%/hour (2 rooms, for approx. 10 guests)
     Chess room: NT$ 400+10%/hour (2 rooms)
     10% service charge applies. Please call 7521 for any questions. 
(3) VR box
     Opening hours: 08:00-11:00, 13:00-16:00, 18:00-22:00
     Introduction: 8 games available, including a 5-in-1 VR game with content, for example, immersive shooting, action, skateboarding and adventure.
     In mechanized battle union,players can manipulate high-tech armored robots to experience exciting mechanized battles.
     In the Driving Club, players can experience immersive driving excitement, just like in the real world.
     In the War Zone, players can enjoy the classic tank shooting arcade game. 
    Charge: NT$ 300 for 30-minute use (by reservation only)
(4) Starlight bar
     Opening hours: 16:00-23:30
     Introduction: This exquisitely designed cozy place plays graceful music, serves custom made cocktails and various beverages to relax your mood,
     and allow you to experience the comfort brought by a “carefree Fullon”.