▲ Introduction
The outdoor pool, a perfect place to admire sunset and play in the water, is located on the 3rd floor. 
Enjoy a leisure lifestyle of the city fashion in this slow-paced yet premium environment. 
▲ Location
▲ Opening hours
07:00-22:00 (open from April to October)
▲ Rate
Free of charge for hotel guests. 
▲ Instructions for use
1. Follow the instructions from lifeguards. 
2. Shower before entering the pool. 
3. Do not enter the pool without wearing swimsuits, swimming pants and swimming hats. 
4. Foods are not allowed in this area. 
5. People who suffer from dermatosis or other infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the pool. 
6. Do not play or run by the pool. Diving is prohibited. 
7. Do not use flotation devices or play toys In the pool. 
8. Do not enter the pool after meals or drinking alcohol. 
9. Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by their parents. 
10. If you have any rare disease, please inform the coaches (e.g. heart disease, asthma etc.). 
11. The hotel may decide in its sole discretion whether to close the facility due to bad weather or any other force majeure for the safety of all guests. 
▲ Contact us
02-805-9958 ext. 8125
The above is subject to change without prior notice.