▲ Introduction
The meeting room is located right on the Fisherman’s Wharf. The charming scene of the Guanyin Mountain and Tamsui unfolds before your eyes. 
The multifunctional meeting room and recreation facilities can make the employee training more elastic. Stimulate unlimited creativity through brainstorming can further promote team spirit and competitiveness. 
The perfect combination of business and vacation will meet all sorts of business requirements. 
▲ Location
2F Jixiang Hall and Ruyi Hall
3F Hibiscus Hall, Narcissus Hall, Lily Hall, Jade Hall, Emerald Hall, Coral Hall and Tuanyuan Hall
▲ Opening hours
Morning 08:00-12:00
Afternoon 13:00-17:00
All-day 08:00-17:00
▲ Rate
Half-day meeting (including refreshments): NT$850+10% plus/person
Half-day meeting (including refreshments and 1 meal): NT$1,500+10% plus/person
Full-day meeting (including 2 refreshments and 1 meal): NT$2,000+10% plus/person
2 days & 1 night meeting package (including 2 refreshments and 1 meal): NT$3,999+10% plus/person
▲ Contact us
02-2628-7777 ext. 8138, 8139, 8176
The above is subject to change without prior notice.