▲ Lih Spa:  
This is the place of urban getaway for you to relax. Indulge yourself with fascinating Tamsui harbor scenes and “Golden Beauty Spring” that can bring you both beauty and health!  Facilities, such as gym, children’s playground, male and female sauna and outdoor swimming pool, are all available.  
▲ Rate:  
Free of charge for staying guests. NT$500/person for non-staying guests on weekdays and NT$900/person on holidays. All guests are subject to a time limit of 2 hours every time they access the facility. 
The prices above are subject to change without prior notice. 
▲ Lih Lih spa:  
Our philosophy revolves around gentle care to ignite the self-restoration of the mind and body.
Aromatherapy warms the heart and soothes the body. 
Li. Lih spa provides our services with all heart
Combine the essence of Spa aromatherapy from different countries
Spirits of the traditional Chinese medicine – Five Elements and meridian
Energy activation of the Indian chakras
European beauty and fitness methods
We offer 30 kinds of treatments that quickly relieve the weary traveler.
Our original ocean Spa integrates all the advantages of both bicarbonate and salt spring. That’s why it’s so unique and precious. With an abundance of minerals, it is light amber in color yet odorless. The fine texture can moisturize your skin just like natural lotions. The rarely seen seabed hot spring contains chloride bicarbonate. It’s not only antibacterial, but also beneficial to the relief of nerve pain and muscle ache. It is very popular among our visitors thanks to its gorgeous efficacy. 
▲ Rate: 
Session Duration Rate
Facial session 90min NT$3,300
Anti-oxidation, hydration, invigoration, whitening and sensitive skin care. 
Natural ingredients and anti-oxidant compounds can make your skin look radiant and whiter. 
Body care and fitness 60min NT$2,800
Achieve a slim and ideal body shape first by calories burning then metabolism boosting. 
Body mask 60min NT$2,800
Our exfoliating and detox body mask will make your skin soft and smooth. 
Body massage 60min/90min NT$2,800/NT$3,800
The combination of western and eastern massages is designed to soothe muscle fatigue, invigorate primordial energy, and refresh body, mind as well as spirit. 
Energy of Chinese Five Elements 90min/120min NT$3,800/NT$5,000
Use five elements essential oil based on the knowledge of the meridian system in traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the functions of internal organs, unclog meridians and resolve qi stagnation. 
Chakras energy reviving 90min/120min NT$3,800/NT$5,000
Open up the energy of 7 Chakras and adjust yin and yang by utilizing India Ayurveda to balance your body, mind and spirit. 
Head, neck and shoulders massage 30min NT$1,400
The 30-min stress relief session is designed for busy business people to relieve fatigue during their business trip. 
La Fontaine Club Scheduled Maintenance Announcement
*To offer our guests a more complete facility, we will perform the scheduled maintenance on the “sauna equipment” every Tuesday. The facility will be reopened at 16:00. We apologize for any inconvenience caused! 
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Li. Reservations are required for Lih spa sessions
Reservation is available at: AM 10:00-PM22:00
Telephone: 02-2805-9958 ext. #8153