June-August “Project activity” Activity timetable of the Ocean tribe summer camp

▲Activity time:
Help kids who love sports to improve their confidence, manage frustration and build teamwork skills and leadership. An ocean sports camp accommodation plan exclusively for kids this summer! Bring your kids to break their limit together!
“Ocean Tribe Summer Camp” Maximum 20 participants per group
Activity time: 
1st day: 13:00-21:30 (intermission: 16:00-20:30)
2nd day: 08:00-12:00 (intermission: 10:30-11:00) 
Time 1st day Location Time 2nd day Location
13:00 Fulong check-in  Self introduction  Leisure Center 08:00 Gathering  Leisure Center
13:30 Group wide games  Leisure Center  08:30 Sand sculpture DIY Inshore
14:30 Break the limit 1 Offshore  09:40 Break the limit 2 Offshore
15:20 Child fitness Yoga Room  10:30 Shower time & rest  
16:00 Shower time & rest  11:00 Exclusive souvenir DIY Leisure Center
20:30-21:00 Sand crab night tour Offshore  11:30 Deliver the souvenir card album Leisure Center
11:50 See you next time! Leisure Center
※Activity charge for guests outside ocean tribe kid camp: NT$ 1,299/person   
※Applicable to children of 6-13 years old (born in 2004-2011/with height over 120cm)