▲ Introduction
Exquisite and luxurious karaoke with equipment comparable to karaoke chains. There are large, medium and small boxes; the biggest box can accommodate up to 25-30 guests. Meanwhile, you can also sing in the public hall whenever you want to.
▲ Location
1F Level
▲ Opening hours
13:00pm~24:00pm; Reservation system
▲ Rate
※Small box (for 10~15) :NT $ 1,200+10%/ hous
※Large box (for 20~30) :NT $ 2,000+10%/ hous
▲ Instructions for use
※Corkage fee: NT$ 300 for wines and NT$ 500 for spirits
※Please make your reservation 1 day before.
▲ Contact us
02-2499-2381 ext. # 7408
The above is subject to change without prior notice.