▲ Introduction
Located in the Fulong Village of Gongliao Town, New Taipei City, the Fullon Hotel Fulong is praised as the “Fulong sea & hot spring four season hotel”. Staying at Fullon, you can not only enjoy the sea in summer and silver grass blossoming in fall, but also the “chloride bicarbonate hot spring” certified by the Japanese Hot Spring Association and New Taipei City. The spring is of a light amber brown, is almost clear, and is odorless.  Moreover, with the moderate pH values and bacteria-killing chloride, the spring forms a thin film on your skin to retain moisture in your skin, and relieve soreness and exhaustion. A spacious 330m2 room. Soak in the smoky spring and feel like just heaven.
There is a public spring pool, pressure-relieving cool & hot pools, sauna chamber, jacuzzi and standing/sit-down showers in the sauna area. Activate cells in your body, improve blood circulation and immunity, and relax both mentally and physically. Provides a perfect leisure area for your body and soul during the trip.
▲ Location
1F Level
▲ Opening hours
08:00am-12:00pm, 14:00pm-22:00pm
Last entry: 21:20pm; all guests should leave before 21:50pm
08:00am-12:00pm, 14:00pm-22:30pm
Last entry: 21:50; all guests should leave before 22:20pm
※Sauna is closed 12:00pm-14:00pm every day for cleaning and maintenance.
※Sauna is closed 12:00pm-17:00pm on the 15th and 30th of each month for major maintenance and cleaning.
▲ Rate
Free for staying-guests;
Hot spring and sauna charge for outside guests (relatives and friends of staying guests): NT$ 600/person on weekdays and NT$ 800/person on holidays.
The prices above are subject to change without prior notice. 
▲ Instructions for use
1. Children with height under 110cm are not allowed to use the facility. Children under 16 years old should be accompanied by parents.
2. Pool depth in sauna is 1.2m. Adult limited and no children allowed.
3. Seniors, children, expectant mothers, guests with disabilities and cardiovascular diseases should not use the facility alone.
4. Wet floors in the bathroom are slippery. Please be careful to avoid any falls when in use.
5. Expectant mothers and guests who have consumed alcohol, with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and eye, skin and other infectious diseases are recommended not to enter the hot spring.
6. Please wash your body before entering the spring. Please do not wear swim suits or underwear.
7. To maintain the spring quality, please do not apply essential oils, lotions or other skin cares products before entering the spring. 
8. For the privacy of all guests, no cameras or smartphones (cell phones) are allowed.
9. No food and beverages are allowed in the facility. The Fullon Hotel is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.
10. Please follow the above-mentioned instructions to avoid any inconvenience to other guests and maintain a sanitary environment. Thank you for your cooperation.
▲ Contact us
02-2499-2381 ext. #7354
The above is subject to change without prior notice.