▲ Introduction
Outdoor boundless swimming pool with a constant temperature and a vast play area form a romantic skyline. You can also enjoy the great view where the mountains and ocean blend into one with Lingjiou Mountain on the right.  The romantic starry night, in particular, allows you to spend every pleasing moment poolside. Meticulously designed facilities let your kids have fun with water safely.
▲ Location
L floor
▲ Opening hours
▲ Rate
It is free for guests.
▲ Instructions for use
Pool size: 25m (L)x15m (W)x1.2m (D); children under 16 years old should be accompanied by parents.
To ensure the safety of guests, the Fullon Hotel reserves all rights to close the facilities in case of bad weather or unpredictable factors.
▲ Contact us
02-2499-2381 ext.#7357
The above is subject to change without prior notice.