▲ Introduction
A care philosophy that nourishes your body slowly and lights up your soul. A way of care that warms up your heart with a hot spring and nurses your body with aromatherapy.
Li. The Lih Spa provides whole-hearted service. We offer therapies integrating the essence of spa aromatherapies of different countries, 
the concept of five elements and meridian in Chinese medicine, energy activation of the 7 chakras (Indian), European skin care techniques for beauty and body slimming, and include a 30-minute spa therapy especially for guests on business trips to relieve their stress immediately. The rare chloride bicarbonate hot spring is a sea-water hot spring full of minerals and with a precious nature. Besides being anti-bacterial, it is also well known for significantly improving nerve pain and muscle soreness. 
▲ Location
1F Level
▲ Opening hours
Li. Reservation only (all therapies)
Reservation time: 13:00pm-22:00pm
▲ Rate
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Session Duration Rate
Facial session 90min NT$3,300
Anti-oxidation, hydration, invigoration, whitening and sensitive skin care. 
Natural ingredients and anti-oxidant compounds can make your skin look radiant and whiter. 
Body care and fitness 60min NT$2,800
Achieve a slim and ideal body shape first by calories burning then metabolism boosting. 
Body mask 60min NT$2,800
Our exfoliating and detox body mask will make your skin soft and smooth. 
Body massage 60min/90min NT$2,800/NT$3,800
The combination of western and eastern massages is designed to soothe muscle fatigue, invigorate primordial energy, and refresh body, mind as well as spirit. 
Energy of Chinese Five Elements 90min/120min NT$3,800/NT$5,000
Use five elements essential oil based on the knowledge of the meridian system in traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the functions of internal organs, unclog meridians and resolve qi stagnation. 
Chakras energy reviving 90min/120min NT$3,800/NT$5,000
Open up the energy of 7 Chakras and adjust yin and yang by utilizing India Ayurveda to balance your body, mind and spirit. 
Head, neck and shoulders massage 30min NT$1,400
A 30-minute pressure-reliving therapy for busy businessmen to unload your mental and physical fatigue during the trip.
  For special offers, please refer to the announcement on-site.
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02-2499-2381 ext. #7355
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