Lihpao Land
Sophisticated with Persistence; Lasting Principles
With more than thirty years of history, Lihpao has always upheld our four principles of management: "Honesty", "Steadiness, “Quality”, and "Service". As our square logo within a circle suggests, the circle symbolizes that every one of our development plans is sophisticated and well thought-through by placing guests and the natural environment in the center, while the square symbolizes our persistence in unearthing all the possibilities of architecture. As the chairman insists, our goal is to make the buildings “lovely and affordable”. To everyone who owns one of these homes, “going home is a pleasure!”
Thirty Years of Achievements
The Advancement of City Style
From cozy homes to magnificent buildings, each of our strides makes the city grander in scale. Our estate is primarily affordable with a natural quality. The specific location and creative marketing strategy have resulted in successful sales of non-downtown bases in second tier cities. Our understanding of customers’ needs make Lihpao one of the top ten construction companies in Taiwan.
The Advancement of Architectural Style
Lihpao always seeks innovation. Every ten-year period provides an opportunity for us to draw a new blueprint for the next generation and create a contemporary plan for a city.
The Advancement of Service Style
The creation of a brand marks the development of an enterprise and the track a city takes. 
Our advancements in architecture over the past thirty years have created the future of a city. It is our goal to reach sustainable harmony among people, nature and cities.