“Summer Night Melody – Spawning Crabs” land crab ecological tour
Surrounded by ocean on three sides, Kenting National Park’s abundant marine coral reef ecology and luxuriant coastal forest are the ideal habitats and spawning grounds for land crabs. Land crabs feed on the leaves and fruits of the coastal forest, live at the bottom of the coastal forest ecology, and are mainly active at night.


West coast tour: 4 hrs 30 mins
Visitor Center 30' (10')◊Nanwan 10' (5') →Sisal Industry Historical Exhibition 30' (5')→Longluan Lake Nature Center 40' (10')→Houbihu Marina 50' (10')→Maobitou Park 30' (20')→Guanshan 20' →Return via West Coast Scenic Road

Forest tour: 7 hrs 30 mins
Visitor Center 30' (10')→Forest Recreation Area 120' (10’)→Lunch 60' (10’)→Sheding Park 90' (10')→Chuanfan Rock 5’(5')→Shadao Shall Sand Exhibition Hall 5' (5')→Eluanbi Park 60' (10')→Fongchueisha 20’→Return via Provincial Highway No. 200.


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