【2017 Minnan Festival in Taoyuan 】
Time: 7/8 15:00~18:30

【2017 Taoyuan Lotus Festival】
Time: 7/1-8/13


There is a Ubike station in front of the Hotel. There is the Fantasy Lake of Hwa Ya Technology Park, the sea of flowers of the Chang Guan Health and Culture Village, and green tunnel of Chang Guan Golf Club along the Fuxing 1st Road. These sceneries can make you feel refreshing, relaxed, and happy. They are worth paying a visit to.


Each room is provided with L'Occitane spares,
welcome fruits, coffee, and Mini bar drinks for you.


Chef Chiang, Tzu-Wei served as a chef for famous hotels, such as Brother Hotel and Howard Hotel. He has worked as a chef for nearly 20 years. He served as the judge for the International Pasta Contest. He was also the demonstration cooker for the Children's Home and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. He currently serves as de Cuisine of Fullon Hotel Linkou.

Chef Hsu, Heng-Hua won the championship in several cooking contests and has worked as a chef for nearly 20 years. He specializes in Jiangzhe, Shanghai, and Cantonese cuisines. James Soong, a politician and Simon Yam, a Hong Kong movie star have been clients